Goa – III

BangaloreGoa – 3 day trip (Nov 2011) – Day 3

Day 3 started off on a lazy note. We didnt really have much to do today, excpet shop and indulge in some water sports.Though of getting up early to watch the sunrise, but the day seemed overcast, so I slept right back.

We’d already informed Innocent, the  helper boy at the hotel, the previous night that we needed a bike for the day. That was arranged by 8am. We took the bike out, and went off in search of fuel, both for us and for the bike. 😉

Breakfast as Anand Sagar was nice, and fuel for the bike was available in the small tea shop opposite it.  We set off to Baga Beach to enjoy ourselves.

Unfortunately, the overcast sky meant that rain was imminent, and also that the sea was rising. Net result was that the maximum we could go into the water was only upto our ankle. Any further, and we had better know swimming to get back to the shore… which we didn’t. The shacks that were close to the water front, and not so close ones too were all being dismantled to prevent damage and loss.

Shacks being dismantled to avoid damage by the sea

High waves at Baga Beach

Also the only water sport option was the boat ride to sea dolphins. And we had already done that so we weren’t keen. By the time we got out of the water, the water had covered our shins, in spite of the fact that the place we stood 15 mins ago had only covered our ankles.

It was already past 9.30am, so I guessed the shops may be opened. So we set off towards Calangute for start our shopping session.

After driving around quite a bit, and shopping at a couple of road-side shops, we stopped for lunch at US Pizza at Calangute. The good thing about road-side shops in Goa is that the prices are a good bargain. As long as you know the actual worth of the item you are buying, you can get a good deal.

There is also a large Tibetian market on the Calangute-Baga Road that sells mainly silver and precious stone jwellery, and brass items. You very rarely see any Indians here.

Tibetian Market

We reached the room at around 1.30. After settling our accounts at the hotel, we left at 3.30pm.

St. Anthony’s Chapel is Calangute is a bus stop for all buses going to Panjim. The place we need to reach for our bus to Bangalore was a minute’s walk from the main bus station. After spending some relaxing time at a park opposite the bus stop, we boarded the bus back to Bangalore.

Panjim Bus Station

We reached Anand Rao Circle, near Majestic, in Bangalore at around 7.30am the next morning.

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